Real Estate Portals Thailand

Finding the perfect condo as a foreigner in Bangkok can be difficult. It’s not that great properties don’t exist – the issue is location, research, and most importantly, connecting to the owner or agent to get the process started. Luckily, many applications and websites are specifically dedicated to the Thailand real estate market, showcasing properties, locations, details and amenities, and connecting buyers and sellers.


Some Thai real estate portals are more user-friendly than others. Here is a breakdown of some of the most used and why we think they’re worth the download.


The website boasts that Hipflat is the “Best Property Portal in Thailand”. Although other groups might refute that, there is some evidence that Hipflat may be at least one of the best. The Facebook page has a 4.3-star rating based on nearly 200 votes. After being prompted by Facebook’s automatic messaging service, I quickly typed a message. Some nice employee on the other end replied in just a couple minutes. Talk about timely customer service! The website is incredibly simple to navigate, even for the not-so-tech-savvy. Users can choose to be redirected to the right page from drop-down lists covering buyers, sellers, renters, condo directories by city, commercial properties like offices and warehouses, and more. The site even features articles related to the real estate industry in Thailand so you can keep up to date on the latest news while you look for your dream condo.


Thailand Property

Thailand Property’s biggest standout attribute might be the elegance of its layout. Everything is simple and straightforward, yet sleek. A wealth of properties are listed for sale and rent. Each has several high-quality photographs, square footage, adjacent popular landmarks and amenities, and other important factors that might influence a buyer. For expats and Thais alike in the market for a condo overseas, the site also lists properties available in nearby countries like the Philippines and Vietnam, as well as properties in Europe and Australia. Thailand Property also publishes a monthly magazine with tons of useful information regarding the real estate market.

DD Property

DD Property claims to have over 200,000 homes listed on its pages, giving buyers one of the largest selections on the internet. The site also has an interesting feature called “AskGuru” where visitors are prompted to ask an “expert” any burning questions about the current state of the Thai market and get a response from, presumably, a real estate agent on the other side. Easy searches are available on the front page, where users can narrow down their selection by the province they are interested in.



Home Finder Bangkok

Home Finder Bangkok’s layout is similar to Thailand Property’s, simple to use and easy on the eyes. The standard search options are available for buying, selling and renting. Commercial properties are also listed. The “News” section gives readers helpful hints on the condos with the easiest access to the BTS, proximity to international schools, and “pet-friendly” condos in the area, as well as financial tips for financing properties in Bangkok.