Quaritz Rama 9

Quaritz Rama 9

Quaritz Rama 9 makes an ideal location for anybody who wants a peaceful, luxurious home in one of the world’s most active cities. Not only will you have all you need to relax at home, but you also have easy access to important local amenities. 


Quaritz Rama 9 has been bought to you by the highly reputed MBK Real Estate developers. The estate comprises of 14 detached houses, with 8 units inside a gated zone. This development also offers a variety of amenities, including a pool, garden, and 24-hour security.

The development has a selection of 4-bedroom homes over 3 or 4 stories, each unit offers up to 650 sqm of living space and parking space for 4-5 cars. You can also choose between 3 designs, helping you find something just right for your needs.

Overall, Quaritz Rama 9 represents a vision of refined living, characterized by sleek architecture and meticulous attention to detail. The development offers an array of meticulously designed residences that showcase elegant interiors, spacious layouts, and premium finishes. With a focus on creating a modern and luxurious ambience, Quaritz Rama 9 aims to provide residents with a sophisticated lifestyle complemented by world-class amenities.

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Quaritz Rama 9 is strategically located centrally, giving you easy access to the rest of the city. Nearby city rail stations help make it easier to navigate Bangkok, while also opening up the rest of The Land of Smiles. The location is also ideal for those working in the city centre, with numerous transportation options that can get you to work and back quickly and safely.

This development is also close to Bangkok’s Bangkapi and Suan Luan districts. As such, you will have easy access to all the amenities you could need like shopping, schools, hospitals, and entertainment. As such, you get to make the best of what Bangkok has to offer from a comfortable and spacious base. 

เดอะไนน์ เซ็นเตอร์ ติวานนท์ เปิดตัว “ฟู้ด เลเจ้นด์ส บาย เอ็มบีเค” และ “ท็อปส์ มาร์เก็ต”

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Why Quaritz Rama 9 Is the Ideal Home for You

Quaritz Rama 9 boasts a contemporary architectural design that seamlessly combines aesthetics with functionality. The residences feature thoughtfully designed interiors, spacious living areas, and luxurious finishes, offering residents a comfortable and stylish living environment. Every aspect of the design aims to elevate the residential experience.

The development offers a diverse range of amenities that will help keep you relaxed and in overall good shape. For example, you can exercise or relax in the community pool while we also have beautiful gardens you can enjoy at your leisure. 

Beyond its luxurious offerings, Quaritz Rama 9 is in high demand thanks to its location which allows easy access to nearby amenities, including shopping malls, dining options, and entertainment venues. Proximity to transportation hubs facilitates seamless travel within the city, catering to a well-connected urban lifestyle.



from : https://www.quaritz.com/public/

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