ROMM Convent

ROMM Convent

ROMM Convent provides spacious and luxurious condo units in a convenient location in central Bangkok. This condo makes an ideal option for professionals and families doing business in the city or simply enjoying all that the City of Angel’s has to offer.


ROMM Convent was developed but the Proud Real Estate Public Company Limited and features 180 condo units over 32 floors. The development is set for completion sometime in 2026. 

Residents will have access to a wide range of on-site amenities, including:

  • 24-hour security: Sleep sound at night knowing you and your family have protection 24/7
  • Car park: These units offer plenty of car parking space for most people.
  • Co-working space: Remain productive with well-equipped co-working facilities
  • Concierge: The concierge will be of assistance should you need help with anything
  • Garden: Relax in our beautiful, tranquil gardens
  • Gym: Keep in shape with our fully-fitted gym
  • Swimming pool: Cool off under the Bangkok sun or get in some laps in our stunning rooftop pool. 

Overall, ROMM Convent aims to provide a harmonious blend of modernity, convenience, and community living. With its modern design, access to amenities and local and national travel networks, this property is a great choice for anybody seeking an elevated urban lifestyle in Bangkok.

This sophisticated condo building also helps ensure good physical and mental health with help from its holistic system, which ensures you get plenty of fresh air and sunlight. You can also enjoy the rooftop sky retreat for some stunning views of the city. The Sky Retreat is a great way to relax away from the city’s hustle and bustle, with a calming ambience and plenty of lush greenery. 

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ROMM Convent is located close to Silom, which is in the heart of the city. From this location, you will have access to schools, hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants, entertainment centres, nightspots, and so much more. 

You will also have easy access to the nearby SkyTrain and metro stations, making it easy for you to find your way around the rest of the city. Whether you need to get to work, or if you want to relax on a beach further away, ROMM CONVENT is an ideal choice. 

Silom Edge

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Why ROMM Convent Is the Ideal Home for You

ROMM Convent features contemporary architectural design and thoughtfully crafted interiors. The residence also boasts spacious layouts, premium finishes, and a seamless blend of modern aesthetics. Overall, the condo delivers the aesthetics, comfort, and practicality that can make your stay in the city much more pleasant.

This sophisticated condo offers a diverse array of amenities catering to various lifestyles. From well-equipped fitness centres and communal spaces to leisure areas or working facilities, you have all you could need for an enjoyable and productive time. 

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