Why Invest in THAILAND Properties? (Part 2)

In the first part of this blog, we examined the reason why anyone would be right to choose Thailand as his or her investment base. We, therefore, talked about the numerous opportunities and driving forces which instigate the steady growth of Thailand’s real estate agents. In addition, we also examined what it is for foreigners intending to invest in Thailand property. 


Insights About Property Market in Thailand

Thailand’s property price index shows that Thailand’s real estate market has been experiencing a gradual and steady upward growth rate over the past few years… until the globally disruptive COVID-19 pandemic which affected not only Thailand and Thailand’s property investment market but also all other markets across all the parts of the whole world. 

The healthy market which existed before the coronavirus pandemic saw all housing project developers engaged in a competition aimed at captivating the heart of buyers and home seekers. As a result, there were competitively affordable price points for properties. In the early months of 2022 however, there is a little drawback in terms of the property price index. This is because not all of the usual Chinese investors and other foreign investors are ready and willing to invest in Bangkok property. Heck, they cannot even travel to Bangkok if they wanted to in some cases. 

However, recent market analysis has shown that Thailand’s real estate property market will recover and continue its steady growth once again. One of the reasons for this is because properties in Bangkok and by extension – Thailand is generally cheaper when compared to the prices of property in countries like Hong Kong, the U.S.A., and the U.K. 

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The Peculiarity of Bangkok Property Market

Bangkok is particularly the most lucrative and promising property location in all of Thailand. It is not just because it is the country’s capital but more so because of the demand and development taking place in this mega-city. Properties that are close to public transportation facilities such as the BTS or sky train and the MRT or subway show signs of bringing in the highest return on investment (ROI). Another determining factor is the environment of the location of the property. Housing units located in busy business districts such as in Central Bangkok would often fetch expensive rent rates and thereby lead to higher ROI or return on investment for the investor.

Believing that the Bangkok property market would bounce back this year, many have begun investing their money in condominium units yet to be developed or newly completed around areas and roads which is planned to witness the expansion of their BTS or MRT lines. So, why not hire a real estate agent expert and begin the process of investing in Bangkok’s property market?

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