Which Bangkok Condos Allow AirBnb?

If you are looking to buy a condo in Bangkok then you can expect to encounter limitations on who you share your living space with. If you intend to turn your condo’s spare room into an AirBnb room then you need to make sure your building allows this before you buy. We put together a list of the developers who allow AirBnb to help you make an informed decision.


Are Short Term Bangkok Rentals Legal?

No, short term rentals of daily or weekly amounts are not legal in Bangkok. If you rent your AirBnb you will need to ensure that guests stay beyond the 30-day mark. It is not strictly illegal to rent your condo apartment to AirBnb users, it is more of a legal grey area. The Bangkok Post has more information on this. On a very basic level: if your developer doesn’t mind then you will be just fine.


Siamese Asset

These Siamese developers run a series of what are known as ‘condotels’. These are condos built as residential areas, whose developers have taken out hotel licensing to doubly ensure the compliance to the law of any AirBnb or other short term lets. If you buy your Bangkok condo from either the Collection or the Siamese Exclusive Ratchada then you should be able to rent a room to AirBnb guest without ending up in any legal hot water.


Fragrant Property


Fragrant property went down a similar path and have chosen to allow AirBnb to operate from their properties. They have a number of beautiful developments that allow access to all the amenities and facilities you would expect from a first-class Bangkok condo firm. Circle Sukhumvit 31, Circle Rein Sukhumvit 12, and Circle Sukhumvit 11 are there three best known AirBnb locations. If you want to buy an AirBnb approved condo in Bangkok we cannot recommend them highly enough.


The River Condominium

Located near the CBD Sathorn, and on the riverfront, this condo has free parking, a pool, in-house dining, plenty of security and a lovely view. The river front experience is what makes this condo building so attractive to guests. The Midst Rama 9 is another modern condotel you can book a short term let with.


Older Condominiums and AirBnb in Bangkok


Older condominiums are a lot less likely to mind if you rent out a room. This can be an excellent opportunity. Even so, you should always check with the developer before you commit to purchase. Older condos can be a fraction of the price of newer buildings, but retain many of the benefits of high-end living.



The Boonrumpa is known to allow short term rentals without being quite so expensive as more modern places. It is another property belonging to Siamese Assets. The V.C.C Condotel also provides AirBnb rentals. There are also AirBnb rooms available at the RTS Condotel and the Bangkok Condotel, although the latter does not have the best reviews.


A condotel is a safe option for AirBnb because short term rentals are legal from these places. You should always check with the condo developer before you commit.