When is the best time to sell your Bangkok condo?

Oftentimes, we are asked when is the best time to sell my property?

The answer is simple…it depends.

For sale

Obviously if you need the money to invest in a business or are planning on moving somewhere else you should sell your property. The most common reason owners sell their homes is because of lifestyle changes, either they have gotten married and now have kid(s) or they are downsizing.

Know the market conditions

It’s crucial to know the market conditions when you are selling as well, if property prices are low then you will most likely get less than what you were seeking, however if it’s a boom than you will likely get more than what you were expecting. Also, keep in mind that if you plan on buying a new condo or home when the market is low you will be able to buy a new place at cheaper rate.

Pay attention to your local area

Another piece of advice is to pay attention to your local area. Is there a new mass transit line going to be built in the near future, is a renowned elementary school moving nearby, is their a mall opening across the street? Make sure to hold onto to your property when you hear about good news like this because the price of your property will surely increase.

Promote your condos special features

Make sure to also tell your real estate agent any special features your condo in Bangkok has. These special features will ensure that your property stands out from others that are available. For instance if you have custom built jacuzzi, surround sound entertainment system or have the only unit in the building with a panoramic view of the city then you should be sure to mention this to your agent.


Here’s some other commonly asked questions:

Which month or season is the best to sell? In the U.S. and in Thailand it’s best to sell property during the spring. The reason is because most people have just received their tax return and are willing to use that money to invest.

Should I sell with a tenant? Selling with a tenant is more difficult because it’s hard to schedule a viewing of the unit without bothering your tenant and most owners prefer to wait until there tenant moves out since the tenant is helping them pay for their mortgage anyway.

What should I sell my condo for? Check the market and ask experts such as Home Finder what the going rate is. Remember to be realistic with your pricing or you will be waiting a long time to sell your property.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need help selling your property in Bangkok.