The Best Rental Yield Bangkok Condos

If you are looking to make sound condo property investments in Bangkok then it may interest you to know where the best rental yield apartments are in the area. We put together this list of the best condos in Bangkok with regards to rental yield, in the hopes that it could be of use.

What are the Best Rental Yield Condos in Bangkok?


Investment analysis of Bangkok is incredibly positive in the second half of 2019. We are currently experiencing a buyer’s market, with many renovation opportunities also available for those willing to turn a cheap condo into a good investment. While the developers still have more condo buildings than they can use we advise that now is a good time to examine the best rental yield condos and buy appropriately.


The Base Park East


Developed by leading agency the Sansiri Family, the Base Park East Sukhumvit 77 is an opulent condo building with excellent amenities. This 27 story building is comprised of 504 units, some of which have a single bedroom and some of which have dual bedrooms. Residents are provided with a parking lot, a private pool, community gardens, 24-hour security and a shared recreational area. It also has its own gym, free building Wi-Fi and all the elegant extras a high-end rental client would expect. Rent on this condo will make 15,000 baht per month. To buy, an apartment here will cost you around the 110,000 Baht mark. Within a single year you could recoup your investment.


Park Origin Sukhumvit 24



The park origin will set you back around 300,500 per apartment. Your tenants will have access to the private garden oasis that grants serenity in the bustle of the city. They will also have a highly desired Phrom Phong postcode and a rooftop pool of exquisite taste. The Park Origin also has its own gym, indoor recreational area and lounge for communal use, making it a wonderful residency for any tenant. Rent on these properties can go for up to 25,000 baht per month. With this rental yield, you could make your investment back fairly quickly.


Life Sukhumvit 48



Developed by AP Thailand, the Life 48 condo presents an interesting return for your investment. Guests are treated to their own shop, sauna and swimming pool, while still being privilege to the 24 hour security coverage and CCTV safety that makes condo living so attractive. Life has two buildings with 31 floors in each, comprising a total of 612 units. The current asking price is around 4,500 baht a square meter, meaning that a 2 bed condo apartment here is costing upwards of 170,000 baht. For this, you can expect a rental yield of between 15,000 and 50,000 per month.


Aspire Rama 4



Aspire is another building by AP Thailand. They actually have two different rental yield opportunities, both here and at Aspire Rama 9, which will offer you a similar return on your investment. Residents in Rama 4 have an in-house restaurant, swimming pool and gym. A 1 bedroom condo here might cost you 100,000 baht. Rental prices could earn you 25,000 per month in return. Condo owners in Rama 9 have the opportunity to make up to 30,000 baht in rent per month from the 2 bedroom condos there. These same condos will cost you around 2,650,000 baht. Whether this rental yield is high enough or not depends entirely on your expectations.