Retirement Property Bangkok

Bangkok, with its popular image of chaotic traffic and racy nightlife, might seem like the last place that seniors would want to head off too for a peaceful retirement. But the reality is that Thailand’s capital city is a well-functioning and oftentimes very relaxed city that can also claim to being one of the world’s safest.

What’s more, any expat who retires to Bangkok can be assured of a high quality of life, with cheap restuarants and shopping malls ensuring a life of relative luxury. Certainly, those that do make the move enjoy a far better lifestyle than they would have had if they remained in their own countries.

One of the greatest achievements of modern Bangkok is its transportation system. With the BTS skytrain and the MRT underground system it’s possible to get around the city center in minutes. By living in a property near one of these mass transit systems, it’s like having the entire city on your doorstep.

Staying in Bangkok long-term

An additional benefit of buying a Bangkok condo is that it may also entitle you to a long stay visa. For those who buy a condo priced 10 million baht or more, this entitles them to qualify for a one-year investment visa, renewable each year after the 12-month period has ended.

There are also options for renters too – a retirement visa can be had by over 50-year olds who maintain a Thai bank account with an 800,000 baht balance.

With it’s excellent transport links, retirees can choose to stay all over the city. A few of our favorite spots for retirees include Ari, which encompasses the old-money district of Phahon Yothin with its numerous gold shops, amulet markets and more. It’s a great place to live if you’re interested in learning something about Thai culture, and the area has an excellent selection of villas and condominiums to choose from.

For those who prefer a more energetic lifestyle, it doesn’t get better than Sukhumvit Road, home to some of Bangkok’s most legendary nightlife, not too mention its hipster shops and tasty dining spots featuring every kind of cuisine. Sukhumvit’s condos also tended to be located close to the skytrain station and sky walk platform, a green, leafy environment that’s far above the chaos of Bangkok’s traffic congestion.

Last but not least, there are few better areas than Bangkok’s riverside. There are literally hundreds of peaceful condos, villas and apartments along the length of the Chao Phraya, offering excellent views of the river as it snakes its way through the concrete jungle. The riverside tends to be a quiet area compared to other parts of central Bangkok, with luxurious properties available at extremely reasonable prices.

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