Popular Leasehold Condos in Bangkok

Bangkok is a beautiful city that is bursting with some of the best condo apartments in the world. With so many living spaces available, let us navigate you around some of the best examples of popular leasehold condos in Bangkok.


The 6 Most Popular Leasehold Condos in Bangkok

We researched the most popular leasehold condos. Could one of our top choices be the apartment you have been searching for?


1 – Four Seasons Private Residence, Bangkok

These waterfront residences offer stunning views as well as the custom idyllic class presented by the Four Seasons brand. Situated on the Chao Phraya River, this leasehold condo towers 73 floors above Bangkok, providing some of the best views available. This is a tailored, exclusive experience, in such high demand within the city that they have a waiting list. The Four Seasons is possibly the most popular condo in Bangkok.


2 – Sindhorn Village by Siam Sindhorn

Nestled in 50 Rais of its own parkland plateau, the Sindhorn Village has been built with both luxury and sustainability in mind. Inside you will find a resident’s own shopping plaza, inclusive of its own supermarket, as well as numerous shops and recreational facilities. They offer a range of other services to support their clients, but what makes them one of the most popular leasehold condos in Bangkok is their indulgence in their variety of green spaces.


3 – Magnolias


One of the most prominent structures on Ratchadamri Boulevard is the Magnolias building. With ultra-modern exterior lighting, 24-hour attendance from staff and security, and a list of residence amenities too long to even copy – private residency at Magnolias comes with everything from an on-site steam and sauna room to its own running track. Perfect for relaxing in the middle of the bustling city, Magnolias is the perfect leasehold condo for those who want their every need provided for.


4 – Urbana Langsuan


The Urbana is one of the most popular private leasehold condo buildings in Bangkok, This is partially because of the divine rooftop pool, partially because they provide so many recreational facilities, and partially because of the resident’s lounge space. They have basketball courts, tennis courts, a children’s pool area and a sun deck alongside that pool-with-a-view. The Urbana is so well loved because it lavishly caters to all members of the family.


5 – Residencies at the St. Regis

St. Regis are world renowned for their ability to provide premium service and high-end suites. These residencies are tailored to perfection, designed with bespoke interior planning, and penthouse apartments. It is modern, chic, classic and somehow graceful all at the same time. What makes the St. Regis one of the most popular leasehold condos in Bangkok, however, is that impeccable service that makes any stay here perform above and beyond expectation.


6 – Oriental Residence

This enchanting building is set in so much greenery you would hardly believe you were still in the city. It sports its own cafe dedicated to your relaxation, an indoor/outdoor pool that can be used in all weathers, and function rooms big enough to house weddings. Only 500m from the famed Lumpini Park and all of its associated activities; the Oriental Residence has a Michelin-starred restaurant on the premises. That is an accreditation not many can claim, and it is also enough to make them the last on our list of the most popular leasehold condos in Bangkok.