Places to Stay Near LGBTQ-Friendly Venues in Bangkok

Bangkok remains the most visited city in the whole world! It tops even Paris, London, and Dubai which are the next visited city in order of popularity. The reason Thailand’s capital attracts lots of visitors and tourists is partly due to its historical heritage and partly due to its culture of liberalism. Bangkok remains perhaps, the most LGBTQ-friendly city in the world. While many cities would frown and even penalize, Bangkok recognizes and embraces the LGBTQ community. There are areas, clubs, accommodations, and streets that are particularly devoted or most populated by gay individuals, who are the most predominant of all the LGBTQ in Bangkok. In this post, we’ll be examining some condos and luxury accommodations available in LGBTQ-friendly neighborhoods in Bangkok. Silom Soi 2 and Silom Soi 4 remain the most LGBTQ-dominated streets.


1. Le Meridien Bangkok: Le Meridien Bangkok deserves the number one spot on our list of LGBTQ-friendly condos owing to not just its luxurious architecture and facilities, but also its exceptional LGBTQ-friendly practice. The majority of the staff are gay themselves and hence, gays feel the utmost warmth and welcome. This 5-stars hotel has 282 luxurious units and is located in Thanon Surawong, being just one street away from the famous Gay Street of Silom Soi 4.


2. The Tarntawan Hotel: Lavish, stately, and also not far from Le Meridien is the Tarntawan classic hotel. Though it costs a little less than the Le Meridien, this suite of luxury accommodations is nothing short of plush and opulent, especially regarding the somewhat traditional Japanese-themed interior décor. Just like the Le Meridien, the staff is also very welcome and friendly towards LGBTQ individuals. One would often enjoy the free breakfast and then explore the gay neighborhood via the hotel’s free shuttle bus.


3. HQ Hostel Silom: Located on the corner of Silom Soi 4 and not too far away from the other two, the HQ Hostel Silom is a budget-friendly accommodation that is extra-friendly towards LGBTQ individuals. The hostel offers both dormitory accommodation style and private rooms for those who want more privacy than the others. There is a library area and even a swimming pool which you only have to pay a token for.


4. Crowne Plaza Bangkok Lumpini Park: If your goal is not only to stay within an LGBTQ-friendly neighborhood but also to enjoy premium Thai services, then the Crowne Plaza is just the perfect choice you would want to check out. Strategically built close to the Silom Soi 4 metro station, it is also a 5-star hotel with excellent facilities. These include a great fitness center, beautiful swimming pool, two lounge bars, and a spa center which offers excellent traditional Thai massage! If you desire to live here rather than spend vacation or holidays alone; there are nice condos up for sale. Hire a real estate agent but ensure the condo is located within Silom Soi 2 and Silom Soi 4.