Pet friendly condos around Sathorn

Which pet friendly condos are located around Sathorn?

The people of Bangkok, just like in all parts of Thailand, are known for their warmth, friendliness and big smiles that always make visitors feel welcome. But the same cannot be said for those who’re trying to find a Sathorn pet friendly condo to live in with their feline or canine buddies.

As sad as it is, it must be said that Bangkok is probably one of the least pet-friendly cities in the world, with very few parks allowing dogs or cats to play inside, and condos that allow pets to stay with their owners very few and far between. As a result most Thai pet owners opt to buy a home instead of a condominium, because many buildings are afraid of the disruption they could cause, so they do not allow them.

The options for pet owners are therefore fairly limited. On the one hand they could choose to sneak their pets inside the condo and hope they’re not discovered, but this is risky and could get you kicked out (also losing your deposit) if you’re discovered. You could also choose to give up your pet, but for many this is not an option.

Luckily though, Home Finder has managed to find a few Sathorn pet friendly condos in Bangkok to choose from, so you’ll never need to take such drastic steps as those above.


Located in the residential area between Lumpini Park and Silom Road, Esmeralda Bangkok is a first-class property uniquely designed for high quality modern living. A choice of two- and three-bedroom apartments are available to rent, and not only are pets very much welcome, but the property even features a gated dog park so there’s no need to travel very far when it’s time for walkies.

Le Vanvarothai Saladaeng Residence

Another super-stylish Sathorn pet friendly condo in Bangkok is Le Vanvarothai Saladaeng Residence. Located in Soi Yommarat just off of Sala Daeng road,  Le Vanvarothai Saladaeng Residence offers a choice of studio rooms, 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments for sale or rent. The room rates are more than reasonable for this part of town too, though there’s an additional charge for those who have pets.

Somerset Park Suan Plu

Next on our list is Somerset Park Suan Plu, an aesthetically stunning condominium that’s sure to provide all of the home comforts one could ever need. It’s located right next to Bangkok’s major financial district on South Sathorn Road, making it an excellent choice for any pet lover who’s in the city for business. Amenties include a pool, spa and restaurant on premise, as well as a resident’s lounge and kids club for those who have children. And of course, your furry friends are welcome to stay in the rooms.

Baan Suanplu

Last but not least is Baan Suanplu, an older but still very classy and stylish, well kept building on Naradhiwat Rajanagarindra Road. Rooms are comfortable, clean and most importantly spacious, which is a key requirement for most pet owners.

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