How to Clean Your House to Sell in Bangkok: Cleaning Checklist

Do you want your house to sell quickly and at a price much higher than its actual value? Then ensure your home is cleaned thoroughly! In fact, realtors often advise that the best way to ensure you get more than your house’s value is by making it look really attractive. The only way to do this is by getting professional cleaning services. The only one I can recommend in Bangkok is (LINE OA: @borigarn). If you want to do it yourself, however, the following checklist is important to note.


Draft A Plan

You might be wondering why plan how to clean your house. Well, the truth is that cleaning your house to a satisfactory level that would attract buyers is not a small or easy task. Hence, the need to plan how and what exactly you must clean thoroughly. The following is the list of things and places buyers often inspect and which you must clean properly.


  • Electrical Appliances: Fridge, Oven, & Dishwasher. Prospective female buyers are particularly the first to inspect these areas. Well, you can’t blame a good host/hostess. There are specific cleaning agents for these appliances.

  • Grime Zone: Bathtubs, Sinks, & Toilets. These utensils and areas of the house often develop mold and grime quite easily as they are used by every resident of the house regularly. Getting them clean, mold-free, grime-free, and shiny would often require special cleaning agents.

  • Transparent & Reflective Items: Glass & Mirrors. You should pay particular attention to transparent and/or reflective items, especially mirrors and glasses. The cleaner these look, the more attractive your house would look.


  • Floors & Baseboards: Floors and baseboards are perhaps the first things potential buyers would notice in your house. This is why it is very important to scrub your floor clean. If every other thing is clean and tidy, but your floor is dirty, then your house would certainly not look appealing.


There are some other things around the home which might seem unimportant but which matter a lot.

These are:


  • Light Fixtures: You need to clean your lamp holders, bulbs, switch boxes, sockets, and other such lighting fixtures. PLEASE NOTE, HOWEVER, that if you have no electrical knowledge, you shouldn’t try this yourself to avoid the risks of electrocution. This is why we advise hiring professional cleaners like Borigarn (


  • Vents, Fan Blades, & Window Sills: Cleaning your vents, window sills, and fan blades with damp clothes can go a long way to producing fresh air.


  • Declutter & Dispose Unnecessary Items: Having cleaned all that needs to be cleaned, dispose of unnecessary loads and items.


  • Hire A Professional: The best thing remains to hire a professional as they know how and what to use in cleaning all the hard-to-reach places. A company we highly recommend is as they offer cleaning and other services in Bangkok.