Find the Best Place to Live in Bangkok 2022

I wouldn’t be surprised if you are planning a trip to Bangkok and seeking the most convenient place to live. After all, Bangkok is Thailand’s most populous city as well as its capital. Based on personal experience, it is best to live in a place with easy access to public transportation; especially the BTS (sky train) and the MRT (subway) both of which provide a convenient transport system and an escape from the often chaotic traffic of Bangkok. In this post, therefore, we will help you in your quest to find the top 5 best places to live in Bangkok.


1. Asoke

If you want to enjoy all that Bangkok has to offer, then you wouldn’t want to live anywhere else other than Asoke. It has large shopping malls such as Terminal 21, parks like Benchakitti Park, and tons of great restaurants nearby but most importantly easy access to BTS Asoke and MRT station. If you choose to live here, then I would recommend you either stay at the Esse Asoke or the Villa Asoke; both of which are quite close to BTS Asoke and the MRT. The interconnectedness of the BTS Asoke and MRT is what makes this area the most convenient.


2. Phromphong

Popular among Japanese and Korean expatriates, Phromphong is the center of leisure and shopping activities in Bangkok. It is the second on our list because not only does it offer easy access to the BTS Phromphong, but also because this sky-train is connected to the major shopping centers  Emporium and Emquatier. If you want to enjoy notable Phromphong art galleries, coffee shops, bustling nightlife, and modern eateries, then you should consider living in either Vittorio, a luxurious condo located in Sukhumvit road 39, or Emporio, also a luxury condo located in Sukhumvit road 24.


3. Chong Nonsi

The third best-ranking place to live in Bangkok is Chong Nongsi. Like Asoke and Phromphong, this area is located in Bangkok’s Central Business District. The Met is certainly the best apartment to live in as it is built on south Sarthon road, a short walking distance from BTS Chong Nonsi. And if you love opulence and comfort at an affordable price, then I’ll advise you to go for Nara 9, which is a 40 floors condo that is just 700 meters to BTS Chong Nonsi.


4. Thonglor

Popular among the young and city professionals, choosing Thonglor means you love a vibrant party night-life and good food. It is jam-packed with lots of international restaurants such as Japanese, Korean, Italian, etc. It is also filled with wealthy expatriates and Thais which is why rent here is generally high. The favorite luxury condo in this area is the 34 floors Siri at Sukhumvit; just 300 meters away from BTS Thonglor.


5. Ekamai

More reserved than Thonglor but with a mostly similar rent rate, this area is favored by artists and young entrepreneurs of startups most of whom prefer to live in Nusasiri Grand Sukhumvit 42 as it is very close to BTS Ekamai station and located within a mediplex. It’s also literally across the street from Gateway Ekamai, a shopping mall with great Japanese restaurants.