Easy Bangkok Condo Cleaning Tips



Once you have purchased the home of your dreams with the help of Home Finder then it’s important to keep the place tidy and looking brand new.

 Remove Food Stains


 If you are an avid cook or just love eating then your condo will eventually start getting food stains.

To easily remove stains apply salt and oil based salad dressing and use a brush and the stain will be gone.

 Prevent Dust from Spreading

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It can be difficult to stop dust from spreading everywhere when you are sweeping, however it can be done.

In order to prevent dust from spreading while you are sweeping you need to get small pieces of wet newspaper or any type of paper and wet it. The paper will grab hold of the dust.

 Make Old Curtains Look as Good as New


Leave the curtain in the washing machine with cold water and half bowl of salt for one day and the next day put in some detergent.

 Remove Dust from Screen

Soak up some paper and put it against the window screen or screen door for 5 minutes.

 Get Rid of Stains from Inside A Tea Set


Grab a tooth brush and toothpaste and brush away the stains.