Best 4 Bangkok Condos with Direct Access to the BTS Sky Train

One of the best ways to get the most out of life in Bangkok is to live close to one of its skytrain stations. The BTS skytrain is a mass transit system that along with the subway have helped to dispel the notion of Bangkok’s once-notorious traffic congestion.

Living close to the skytrain means a world of convenience. Simply hop aboard the pleasantly air conditioned high speed train and within minutes you’ll be able to whizz across the center of Bangkok in minutes, easily enough time to make it to that next hot date.

But living close to the BTS is one thing, living right on its doorstep is quite another. After all, who wants to get all sweaty or wet in raining season during that ten-minute walk to the nearest station. Far better is to find a Bangkok condo that has a connecting skybridge directly to the trains.

Of course that’s quite a luxury as there are currently only a handful of condos in Bangkok that have platforms from the skytrain leading directly to the building. For those who need the ultimate in transport convenience, you can consider these places:

Noble Ploenchit

Noble Ploenchit fountain

Noble Ploenchit is a luxury condo close to Bangkok’s business district, with a connection to the BTS Ploenchit station. The building itself takes its concept of “Future Living” to the fullest with its chic and stylish apartments. This condo is also situated nearby the Central Embassy shopping mall and Home Pro.

Q Sukhumvit

Those who prefer the seedier side of Bangkok should look no further than the Q Sukhumvit Condominium, which is connected by a skybridge to the BTS Nana station. Q Sukhumvit Condominium provides a high class lifestyle with every kind of convenience on your doorstep. The station itself is located right in the heart of Bangkok’s epic night life scene, with just about every kind of attraction one can think of on offer.

Noble Remix

Located right next door to BTS Thong Lor with connected platform, Noble Remix’s condos offer an enchanting, luxurious and relaxed living space in the heart of one of Bangkok’s classiest districts. Thong Lor is an area popular with Japanese expats, with dozen of restaurants and karaoke bars catering to those from the land of the rising sun.  It also doesn’t hurt that there is a 7/11 located right underneath the building so you can easily grab a snack and purchase essential items.

Nusasiri Grand

The last Bangkok condo located directly off of the BTS Ekamai skytrain is Nusasiri Grand, a stunning twin-tower complex located on Ekkamai Road. The building connects to the BTS Ekkamai station via a sky walk, which will have you at the train platform within a few minutes, this condo is also across the street from Gateway shopping mall, We Fitness and Major cinema.  The building has a Starbucks and medical facilities within it.