A Guide for First Time Family Home Buyers 2022 Update

If you intend to buy a house for your family, for the first time, then it is important that you understand all the technicalities and terminologies so that you wouldn’t end up purchasing a home that is too small, too large, or simply not suitable to cater for the needs of your family. In this post, therefore, we’ll give a brief analysis of various family homes and even give suggestions on which is suitable for you. So, don’t fret, we’ve got your back!


1. Condo

A condominium is a multiple storeys/floors house such that each floor/apartment/unit is individually owned. There are two condo types: high-rise condos and low-rise. The difference between both is the privacy and height of the structures. A high-rise condo has at least 20 floors and with limited privacy owing to the multitude living there. A low rise is just about 8 storeys with fewer people and more privacy. Condos have 4 room types; (i) a studio has one room without demarcations, a bathroom and might have a kitchenette ideal for bachelors/spinsters (ii) 1 bedroom has one large room separated from the living room and has a kitchen perfect for childless couples (iii) 1 Bedroom Plus has a large room, living room, and a small utility room making it suitable for soon-to-be-with–child couples (iv) 2 Bedrooms offers more space as a very large room is divided into two. There may be an extra room with a standard kitchen and some having up to two bathrooms. It is ideal for couples having one or two kids.


2. Townhouse/Townhome

If you don’t want to live in a condo but have a lean budget, then a townhouse or townhome is the most suitable choice for your family. A townhouse/home is a building that shares walls with other houses/units. And of course, they are generally affordable but lack the luxury facilities of detached houses. Prices are determined by location and proximity to transport facilities. It is suitable for couples who have or plan to have one or two kids.


3. Home office

If you already have or plan to have a family business, then the Home Office housing is the perfect choice for you especially if you already have kids of your own. By choosing this type of home, you don’t have to leave your home or spend hours in traffic all in the name of going to work. Since it may have 3-4 floors, the first and second floors may be used for business purposes depending on the size of your business, while the upper floors could be used as residential floors.


4. Semi-detached house/ Twin House

If your family consists of up to 4 or 5 persons but with a limited budget, then the semi-detached or twin house would be perfectly suited to your needs. It is especially suitable for those who might have parents or relatives living with them. Though it looks like a conjoined house from the exterior, yet, this is not evident inside. It has a lawn & a maid’s room which can also be used as a kitchen.

5. Detached house

Though it costs more than all the others above, the Detached House offers convenience, space, and privacy. It is also the kind of house you’ll want if you love the neighborhood and intend to stay permanently. The house stands alone and would often come with a garden, garage/parking lots, several bedrooms, bathrooms, and lots more. Having a family and raising kids in such a type of home is typically very easy and convenient.