5 Things to Consider When Buying a Condo/ House in Bangkok 2022 Update

If you are planning to buy a condo unit of your own, you must be really excited! It would feel like owning it already and moving in immediately! But, just before you pay for it, hold on a minute and consider this list of 5 things that you should put into consideration before purchasing your condo in Bangkok this 2022.


1. Is The Location Convenient? The first and probably the most important thing to consider before you go ahead and sign that contract is the location of your condo unit. This can be divided into two phases. Knowing that a condominium may be up to 30 floors, the first question to ask yourself is whether you are contented with the floor on which your condo unit is located. The second question is whether you are okay with the area in which it is located. A good factor to consider is that is the area noisy or quiet? Is it close to any BTS, MRT, or other means of public transportation? We all know that traffic can be terrible here in Bangkok.


2. Hire An Experienced Realtor: No matter how good you are at executing business transactions, buying a condominium can sometimes be overwhelming! In order to understand every bit about the condo and its contract, you should consider hiring an experienced realtor. If you can, also hire a real estate attorney who could help explain in simple terms, the condo’s association rules and regulations to avoid possible court cases in the future. A good realtor would be able to advise you on whether you should buy it or go for another condo entirely. It’s important to use an experienced realtor and real estate agency like Homefinderbangkok.com to make an expensive investment.


3. Proximity To Schools, Markets, Malls, Work, etc. Another factor you should consider before putting your money on that condo is how close it is to your children’s school if you’ve got kids. Another factor is its closeness to shopping malls and markets because whether you like it or not, you’ll have to shop for groceries, and spending two hours in transit just because you want to shop for the weekend can be exhausting. Also, would you be working at home, or working far away from the condo?


4. Cost of Purchase, Utility Fees & Association Fees: You should also consider how much it would cost you to own a condo of your choice. Would the cost hurt your financial power, or should you go for another unit or condo entirely? Apart from the cost of purchase, can you keep up with paying the monthly water, gas, and other utility bills? Your condo type and its location often determine how high these bills would be. Find out about the company association fees also.


3d rendering modern loft gym and fitness

5. Amenities, Facilities & Equipment Available: Lastly, you should inspect and take stock of the amenities and equipment available. Facilities such as swimming pools, Wi-Fi, gardens, fitness rooms, steam room, sauna, and other such facilities are often owned jointly with other unit owners. Inspect these facilities and ensure they meet up with your taste and needs before paying. If all these are satisfactory, then go ahead and purchase your very own condo!