5 Must-Have Apps for Living in Bangkok

As a local or expat looking to call Bangkok home, you will likely need some help in getting accustomed to your new surroundings. Here are the top 5 apps that should prove useful.



The most popular rideshare hailing app in the region, Grab offers a simple way to find private cars and taxis in your vicinity and settle on an upfront fixed fare. You have a choice of GrabCar, GrabCar Plus, GrabCar Premium, and GrabHitch to decide on the level of luxury you want and even accommodate other passengers. Other transport options include GrabBike for on-demand bike services and Grab Shuttle for booking a seat on a fixed route and on-demand shuttle services.

It also caters to the food delivery service sector, allowing users to make orders from their favorite restaurants and make a cashless payment. Grocery and parcel delivery options are also available. The app is also used in other Asian countries including Cambodia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia.



Available for both Android and Apple users, Wongnai offers a great way to discover all sorts of recreational hotspots around Thailand. From restaurants to spas, you will find a wide selection of choices to try here. Food is a big deal in Thai culture and both locals and visitors contribute to the many reviews that help rank thebe to the worst.

There are over 2.7m Wongnai users that make written and photo contributions for a wide variety of eateries and beauty businesses. You can even customize your search for restaurants according to cuisines, such as Thai, Sushi, and Steakhouse. You can also pin down the location of these establishments via the Google Maps function. Order food to be delivered and be on the lookout for discount deals.

Google Translate


Also available for Android and Apple users, Google translate helps non-speakers of Thai communicate effectively. The app can translate between 103 languages through typing, meaning most foreigners are catered to. The app even works offline so you do not have to worry if you are out of coverage area.

Conversation mode is the most convenient as it helps facilitate two-way instant speech translation. You can also use camera mode to take pictures and get translations. Its phrasebook function helps learners of the local language star and save translations they would want to bookmark for future reference.

Bangkok Post

There is no better way to keep up with the latest local and international news than with Bangkok Post. This English daily newspaper has proven very popular with English speaking foreigners and locals trying to learn the language. The app provides access to all the full print edition content, in digital replicas of the original layout.

It is a free app and allows for linking to Bangkok Posts’ SmartEdition. It offers good clarity, with the ability to zoom in and out of sections as desired.



Grocery shopping is made easy with Happyfresh. You can shop for fruits and vegetables, baked goods and more form your favorite stores at just a touch of a button. Other consumer goods like hygiene products, rice, and even pet food can also be ordered and delivered to your doorstep.

The personal shopper function allows you to give special instructions and you can pick and choose your preferred delivery slot. This way you can make orders at work and arrive home in time to receive your items. Popular shopping outlets that serve customers through this app include Tesco Lotus, Big C, and Bei Otto.